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Branding Strategy

This highly interactive 2 days methodology implementation in Branding uses different brand tools to help participants to develop a winning brand strategy.

The methodology is a practical management tool that takes organisations of any kind, step-by-step, through the process of defining their brand in detail before expressing it via carefully orchestrated experiences.

The Methodology helps participants structure its approach to branding, move beyond the brand-is-our logo mindset and ultimately build a brand that truly resonates with customers and drives financial performance.


Strong brands are crystal clear on what drives them and what they want to be recognised for by others. They radiate what they stand for through every single interaction their audience has with them.

The Branding Canvas Design offers a holistic model which helps the participants to define a core starting point for their brand, and catalyses ideas for brand building interactions with their audiences. It helps them to define who they are, what they do best and why it matters, who their audience is and how they can direct what they think and feel about you.

The canvas gives them a great bird’s eye view of your brand to use as a foundation for your everyday brand building.

The Canvas is structured in 12 main blocks with covering 5 different areas, Arena (Culture, Offering, Reasons to believe, Competencies), Promise,(Brand essence) Competitors, (Communication, Positioning, Audience), Investment (what you need) and Results (What you get) Participants work on each of the content cross-referencing any idea with the Contextual Ethnographic Maps to understand properly the customer segment needs. It is a branding process step by step.

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  • Romania 6-8 March 2019
  • Barcelona 16-17  October 2019
  • Barcelona 6-7 November 2019