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circular economy

This training program covers the following concepts innovation: Service Management System App. The Incubating Service Management System for Business Agility in the Circular Economy is a platform based on Progressive Web App.

  1. Transfer learning & skills to the “real” world” based on partners experience and tailor-made Training.
  2. Share new ways of understanding entrepreneurship since it gives a focus on Circular Economy and Social Sustainability
  3. Understand why you might want to consider an entrepreneurial opportunity.
  4. Understand what it takes to pursue an entrepreneurial opportunity.
  5. Analyse and evaluate their skills for entrepreneurial opportunities.
  6. Evaluate their desires to become an entrepreneur.
  7. Understand what it takes to start and grow an entrepreneurial enterprise.
  8. Analyse which entrepreneurial opportunities they should explore based on their skills and interests.
  9. Using innovative tools and methodologies to engage the individuals in bringing out their potentials and build new business models
  10. Training path is focused on the social good which each person can contribute to, so is not only related to the personal benefit but is based on the idea that the personal satisfaction contributes to the social good/welfare.
  11. Circular Economy and Social Sustainability is the focus of each project, so it is not only focused on business models.

The system serves as a guideline to install an Agile Incubating Service Management for the support of new businesses in the Circular Economy. The App will define the service’s structure, its
objectives, the target groups that it addresses and the methodology to use.
The Service will be based on a process of mutual commitment among the actors involved: they will, in fact, cooperate to achieve a common goal. The process consists of a customer – who possesses the new business idea for the circular economy and is socially sustainable, and the provider – who will fulfil the need of the customer, supporting her/him through the incubation process. The service provided will thus enclose actions of communication, agreement, mutual commitment and trust that involves the user of a service and the provider.

The impact: Is mobile-oriented anywhere anytime access

The aim of the App is thus to support the management of the service as well as its transferability to other organisational contexts. It will explain the process and procedures to support the business ideas through the incubation phases of

  • Pre-Incubation: the business idea is assessed, and support and training are provided to develop a sound business plan.
  • Incubation phase: the business idea is supported through a process of problem-solving and coaching and mentoring are provided to develop more advanced business planning.
  • Post-Incubation: evaluation phase.

The APP will be composed among other chapters with examples of:

  • A first part of monitoring the incubation phases (monitoring progress, evaluating performance, developing performance plans, identifying criticalities, among others).
  • A second part to enhance the service performance at the organisational level, in particular, providing processes and solutions to overcome criticalities, such as how to manage failure in adapting to the the environment of the hosting organisation etc.

The characteristic element of this output is that it will stem from a phase of actual experimentation of the Agile Incubating Service. To this end, the participants will implement the service inside their organisations during the last year of the project, and its experimentation will last 10 months. 

Transferability: The experience of the implementation

The incubation service will include:

  • Business coaching so to transform the business model into a business plan using Agile methodology and other tools. 
  • Funding opportunities support. Contacts with funding organisations and the pitching of the ideas. The suggestion of the most suitable funding opportunities in the national or EU level. Defining criteria for seed funding and providing training to Prepare Pitch presentation to funding
  • Mentoring service from experienced entrepreneurs in the circular economy
  • Access to training material from IO2 via the online MOOC of UTH (

In the framework of this output, pitch meetings will be organised in which persons/startups supported in the Agile Incubating Service will meet possible investors, buyers or partners and will have some minutes to introduce themselves, present their own business idea and exchange contact information.


Before passing to the next meeting

The objective of the pitch meetings is to visualise the tractor the factor of the business agility – through call conference platforms (Skype, ZOOM meeting, ) or in person. Please describe the division of work, the tasks leading to the production of the intellectual output and the applied methodology

The Incubating Service Management System for Business Agility will be based on a process encompassing different circular phases that are interrelated and can generate a positive spiral: The proposal, the agreement, the performance, the evaluation. Each partner will be responsible for analysing and reporting about the different phases of the service management workflow.

Tasks and role

TASK 1: Drafting the content of the APP. 

The leader of this activity will be NOVEL , responsible for drafting the Agile Incubating Service Management content. Each partner will support NOVEL by realising one of the above-mentioned workflow analysis, operating in a synergic and cooperative way with the entire partnership and making adjustments through systematically meeting with the leader of the IO and the other partner.

The leader of the activity will design an assessment grid on the service performance and after the service has been implemented in partners’ organisation, each partner will fill the assessment grid and draft a report on their experience in applying the service.

TASK 2: Incubating the business ideas

Participants will be able for supporting (incubate) the business ideas during the incubation period of 10 months providing the services mentioned before and transform them business models into mature business plans.

TASK 3: Discovering funding opportunities

BRICKme will coordinate with the rest of partners to develop funding opportunities support tools as a part of the content APP that will include: Funding opportunities for circular economy business in national or EU level, criteria for seed funding and guidelines to prepare pitch presentation to fund. Pitching of the ideas in front of buyers/ investors/buyers will also take place (1 presentation/adult. 12 in total)

TASK 4: Pitching the business idea, bad and good experiences

After 8 months of experimentation of the Agile Incubating Service and the realisation of at least one pitch meeting partners will draft a report describing their expertise and the criticalities encountered.

The reports and the data collected will be included in the Manual.


BRICKme implementation will upload and organise all the training Materials  Funding support material (IO3) will also be included. All participants will have access to the MOOC

TASK 6: Designing and implementing the Seed Funding Fair for the 12 business ideas

  • A  prototyping seed funding event will take place during the training the training Delivers.
  • One Management System for business Agility on mobile devices.
  • One MOOC with business cases and complementary incubating information.
  • One Reference Manuel/Practical guide for incubating steps.
  • 10 business ideas incubated.